Meet the BenTones!

The BenTones

From left to right we have on:

Mandolin, Banjo, and Fiddle - Mo "Banjovi" Cecil

Rhythm Guitar - Robert "Roberto Mundo" Wyatt

Upright Bass - Billy Ray "Head Chef of the Bass Clef" Koch

Mandolin - Bobby "Steelborn" Stillinger

Lead Guitar - Ronnie "Blind Belly" Benton

Sitting in on Melodica and Vocals - Paula "Carioca" Maya

Percussion - Ron "Would you prefer it too slow or too fast?" Spell


Pick the album you would like to hear:

Brazil Nuts 2007
Jammin' the Joan-Dome 2005
Beer on the Tracks    2004
Sync-N 2002

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"Brazil Nuts" by the BenTones © 2007

Song Title File Size
01 Não Me Tocques 3.5M Album Cover Art
02 Dedé 4M
03 Bons Tempos 2.5M
04 Brasilierinho    3.3M
05 Amazon Alley 3.6M
06 Descendo A Serra 4.4M
07 Favorito 6M
08 Carioca 4.1M
09 Receita De Samba 5.7M
10 Assanhado 4.7M
11 Cavaquinho Seresteiro 3.2M
12 Um Choro Num Trem 3.8M


"Jammin' the Joan-Dome" by the BenTones © 2005

Song Title File Size
01 Take the A-Train 3.8M Album Cover Art
02 Nature Boy 2.5M
03 Whiskey Before Breakfast 2.8M
04 Moscow Nights    3.8M
05 Let's Fall In Love 3.2M
06 Carioca 4.1M
07 Waitin' On Vassar 3.6M
08 Drowsy Maggie 3.8M
09 Autumn Leaves 4.9M
10 Um Choro Num Trem 3.9M
11 Soldier's Joy 2.7M
12 Watson Blues 5.1M
13 Don't Bother Me 4.2M
14 Brasilierinho 3.2M
15 Boys Of Bluehill 3.1M
16 Miss Demeanor 3.8M
17 Mr. Bojangles 4.9M
18 Facelift 3.2M
19 Faded Love 3.12M
20 Offshore 3.1M
21 Nature Boy 5M
22 Who's Sorry Now 3.9M


"Beer on the Tracks" by the BenTones © 2004

Song Title File Size
01 Corkscrew 2.7M Album Cover Art
02 Lover's Waltz 3.5M
03 After You've Gone Away 4.3M
04 (I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and)
   Write Myself a Letter   
05 Who's Sorry Now 3.9M
06 Gingko 3.3M
07 Five Foot Two (Eyes of Blue) 4.2M
08 Dead Ringer 4.9M
09 Brasilierinho 3.3M
10 Don't Get Around Much Anymore 3.4M
11 Surfer Music 2.2M
12 A la Mode 2.4M
13 Don't Bother Me 4.2M
14 More 5.3M
15 Swing '42 2.9M
16 Our Day Will Come 4.6M
17 Farewell Blues 3.7M
18 Green Apple Quickstep 2.9M
19 Sugar Magnolia 3.2M
20 Cool Snap 5.7M
21 Bob & Ed's Summer 5.1M
22 Blue Hymn 5.0M
23 Diamond Bill 6.2M
24 Happy Trails 685k


"Sync-N" by the BenTones © 2002

Song Title File Size
01 Descendo A Serra 4.4M Album Cover Art
02 Irish Lullaby 2.2M
03 Amnesia 4.7M
04 Sunny Mexico 5.0M
05 Gee Whiz 3.4M
06 Jitterbug Waltz 2.9M
07 Green Grow the Rushes-O    3.0M
08 Ain't She Sweet 2.9M
09 Farewell Blues 3.7M
10 Unforgettable 4.5M
11 Jersey Bounce 3.1M
12 Dedé 4.1M
13 I'm In the Mood For Love 5.6M
14 Duncan And Brady 3.2M
15 Autumn Leaves 4.7M
16 Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen 4.1M
17 Loch Lomond 4.1M
18 Snowball 3.7M
19 On Moonlight Bay 4.4M
20 Mandolin Breakdown 3.4M
21 Bons Tempos 2.4M
22 Sweet Georgia Brown 3.0M
23 Green Apple Quickstep 2.8M


Here are some of our photos.

Click on one to view a larger version (if one is available).

Bill and his Wash Tub Bass Bill and his Bass

Album covers:
   Brazil Nuts Brazil Nuts Album Art
   Jammin' the Joan-Dome Jammin' the Joan-Dome Album Art
   Beer on the Tracks    Beer on the Tracks Album Art
   Sync-N Sync-N Album Art
   Dawg Lips On Fire Dawg Lips On Fire Album Art

Partying shots:
   The Kidney Party The Kidney Party
   Bob and Ron at the
   Gemini Party 2004
Bob and Ron at the Gemini Party 2004
   Mo, Robert, and Bill at
   the Gemini Party 2004
Mo, Robert, and Bill at the Gemini Party 2004

Party flyers:
   Ward and Nina's Birthday (2003) Ward and Nina's Birthday Flyer Art
   Ward and Nina's Birthday (2003)
   (not advertising the birthday)
Ward and Nina's Birthday Flyer Art

Our logos and other photos:
   The New Five Instruments
   with Instrument Mosaics Logo
The Five Instruments with Instrument Mosaics Logo
   The Five Instruments The Five Instruments Logo
   The old combo photo The old combo photo.

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